Kathleen York

Dienstag, den 7. August 2007

NightRiders © Kathleen York (2007)
NightRiders © Kathleen York (2007)

Dear illustration contestants,

We, the publishers of spa_tien would like to thank you for your contributions and excellent work for the book („what are literary weblogs?“). You are all highly talented artists.

We had a long discussion about your work and about who should be the winner. It wasn’t easy as there were quite a few submissions which were suitable to our project.

So finally we’ve decided to integrate the images of Kathleen York into our project. (Congratulations, Kathleen!) Her subway motives are versatile and still close to the subject.

As soon as the book will be published a link will be posted here in the blog for everybody to have a chance to have a look at it.

Thanks again for all your effort!

••• Dass meine Herzdame sich viel Mühe gemacht hat, um für die für kommenden Januar angekündigte spa_tien-Sonderausgabe „Was sind literarische Weblogs?“ interessante Illustrationen zu finden, darüber habe ich schon berichtet. Der Illustrationswettbewerb, den sie im Namen der Herausgeber gestartet hatte, ist nun beendet.

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