Priceless Experience

4. September 2009

I still blog out of enthusiasm for the authors and works I’m blogging about. Some bloggers may blog for getting big audiences, income by ads, fame. I don’t care. Whether blogging is (still) hip or not doesn’t matter to me as long as it is fun and insightful and helps to maintain my discipline in the daily writing routine. I have to keep the instrument playing. My next novel project is already on its way. And I’ll hold myself to the rule: One page per day in publishable quality, no less. From my blogging years I know I can, so everything else is solely a question of discipline. This experience alone is priceless.

••• Soeben ist im »Commonplace Blog« mein Beitrag zum Online-Symposium »The Function of Book Blogging at the Present Time« erschienen: »As long as it is insightful and disciplined«.

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